JELUVET® lignocellulose
– pure, concentrated crude fibre from nature
In poultry production, crude fibre improves nutrient uptake and foot pad health.

In poultry production, JELUVET® improves nutrient uptake and foot pad health.

The natural plant fibre in poultry production

  • improves nutrient uptake
  • improves faeces consistency
  • improves foot pad health
  • reduces feather picking
  • decreases ammonia excretion
  • improves air quality in the poultry house
  • improves fattening results


Healthier animals for better fattening results

The crude fibre content of common crude fibre sources is between 30 and 50% of dry matter. JELUVET® has a consistent crude fibre (CF) content of more than 70% of dry matter. 76% of the dry matter consists of ADF (cellulose and lignin). Hence, our lignocellulose is a standardisable and nutrient-independent crude fibre component for compound feed.

Lignocellulose reduces feather picking

Broilers and layers sometimes show behavioural disorders such as feather plucking. Feed composition, farming conditions and poultry breed may even favour this disorder. Studies have shown that feed that is poor in fibre helps to intensify feather picking. Our JELUVET® lignocellulose is able to increase the fibre content in the animal feed without adding nutrients.


Feeding recommendation: JELUVET® is simply added. A proportion between 0.3% and 0.9% (from starter to finisher) can improve daily increases in broiler fattening.
JELUVET® is manufactured from controlled pure raw materials using a HACCP-certified process and can be delivered in bags or as loose product. Own brands are possible.