See What's Possible™
Guardian Glass North America - Salesforce Tower, exterior

Guardian Glass is one of the world's largest glass manufacturers of float and fabricated glass products for commercial, interior, residential and transportation applications. You’ll find Guardian glass on some of the most iconic architectural landmarks and our facilities all over the world.

Our teams produce 310 miles of glass every day and 700 unique products globally. We continuously work to create new glass products and solutions to help you see what’s possible.

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Working toward perfection. As part of our continual process of improvement, Guardian Glass is committed to quality. We strive for the highest level of satisfaction in every aspect of our business—from the way our glass is created to how it gets to our customers to how it will perform for many years to come.

Six things we are committed to:

  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Strong, profitable partnerships with customers and suppliers.
  • Open communication among all employees.
  • A quality system which documents how each entity of the corporation conducts its business and meets its objectives.
  • Employee involvement in the successful implementation of the quality system.
  • Continuous improvement of products and services.


Guarding the world with our glass. Glass is a naturally sustainable product made of simple materials. We’re committed to producing safe, reliable glass solutions, operating a healthy workplace and using our resources efficiently throughout the world.

We share your commitment. As a longstanding member of the (USGBC), Guardian products help save energy and help earn LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points. We’ve invested millions globally to create some of the cleanest float glass plants in the world, and we strive to operate in full compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

A better world starts with what we do. As leaders in the world of glass, Guardian Glass also needs to lead the way in environmental protection. We have implemented policies on air and energy, waste and hazardous substances, water efficiency and recycling. Worldwide, we have 16 plants that are ISO 14001 certified, consistently meeting the strictest international requirements and the highest industry standards.


Our latest advances come from a long tradition. At the heart of our research and development is the Guardian Science & Technology Center (STC), where our scientists and engineers work together to develop new glass coatings, processes, formulas and technologies. We are committed to creating products that achieve your goals and improve quality of life.

Progress is measured in atoms. Our researchers determine which combination of individual atoms will optimize glass to create the right blend of color, heat, insulation and light transmission. While the atoms are so tiny they appear invisible on the glass, these coatings have a substantial impact on buildings.

Our breakthroughs get put to use. Our team of engineers turn great formulas into superior products that can be manufactured around the world.

The possibilities are endless. We are constantly thinking about new ways to use glass. Drawing inspiration from other industries and using design thinking, we are envisioning how glass can make the way we work, play, learn and live better.