• Duck® Brand Foam Cushioning

    Foam Cushioning

    This multi-purpose cushioning holds fragile items securely in place while on the move or in storage.

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  • Foam Pouches

    Foam Pouches

    These compact pouches keep vulnerable surfaces covered and protected when you’re on the move or storing away valuables.

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  • Moving Blanket

    Moving Blanket

    This blanket is designed with cushioned quilts for the most protection against nicks and scratches that happen to your furniture during a move.

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  • Packing Paper

    Packing Paper

    Designed to protect your surfaces from scuffs, scratches and dust, this paper is ideal for packing up boxes…

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  • Kraft Paper

    Kraft Paper

    This multi-purpose wrapping paper can be used for moving or shipping packages and even in your craft or…

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  • TV Foam Pouch

    TV Foam Couch

    Designed to fit a flat screen TV up to 60 in., this foam pouch helps protect and cushion while moving or storing away.

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