Float glass
Guardian Glass North America - High quality Float glass for every design application - Worker overseeing a float glass line

Start with a strong foundation

Great glass design begins with a high-quality solution. For nearly 50 years, Guardian Glass has continuously improved the science and process of float glass manufacturing. We offer deep knowledge and understanding to create glass that meets and exceeds your project’s needs. Plus, you can pair Guardian float glass with your favorite Guardian value-add products, like Guardian SunGuard® coatings, Guardian ClimaGuard® residential coatings and Guardian InGlass® interior solutions.

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How Float Glass is Made

Guardian glass is manufactured around the world using the latest glass-making technology. Watch the video below to see our process.

How Glass is Made

Endless possibilities

Our float glass is the building block for all types of uses. Clear and distortion free, Guardian float glass is offered in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to suit any flat glass application. It is prized for its high light transmission, optical clarity and ability to be fabricated to meet custom performance and aesthetic needs. It can be tempered, laminated, painted, coated, silvered to produce mirrors and much more.

Guardian UltraClear

Low-iron glass that is noticeable clearer than standard glass, so what people see is up to you


High quality float glass for use in a wide range of applications


Light-transmitting, light-gray float glass with improved solar control

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Gray-tinted float glass to improve solar control and provide additional aesthetic appeal


Green-tinted float glass to enhance energy savings


Automotive glass that reduces thermal load, increases privacy and enhances styling options

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Solar Management Glass® (SMG)

A fine balance of light transmission with improved solar gain for transportation applications

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